Great Vacation Spots In and Around Portland.

Great Vacation Spots In and Around Portland.

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About Portland

Portland is a city in Oregon, United States of America. It is the biggest city in Oregon with a population of over 580 000. The city is close to Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada Utah, California, and Wyoming. The city also attracts lots of visitors who use the major airports—Portland International Airport otherwise know as PDX, Portland-Troutdale Airport and Portland-Hillsboro Airport.¬†

One fun fact about Portland is that people around Portland LOVE the logo on our airports carpets. It has seen everything from shirt patterns to hat logos made in its image!

Portland Tourism Statistics

The presence of airports could be a reason for the frequent visitation witnessed in the city. According to research results of 2016, Portland metro area welcomed about 9 million overnight trips. Visitors to Portland in the same year spent up to 5.1 billion dollars. As a result, the inhabitants of the city paid less tax as the visitors alone generated about 245 million in tax revenues. The frequent visitation of people from all over the world has created over 36,000 jobs in the area while workers receive nothing less than 1.27 billion dollars as wages.

Places to Visit in Portland

The Saturday Market was founded in 1974 by Sheri and Andrea, who wanted to develop a replica of what they saw at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon. What is special about the market is that it is a place where people sell only what they make by themselves. Hence, it is a place to come in contact with artists and craftsmen who have developed special works which you may have fancied from your own locality.

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is among the great vacation spots around Portland. It is a public place measuring up to 6.5 acres. It is located in Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area which has lots of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, golf courses, amusement park and other interesting outdoor activities. As a result of these other outdoor areas, The Japanese Garden becomes a must-see for several tourists once they make it to the city. Tickets are sold on a daily basis, but if you are a frequent visitor, it will pay you more to obtain an annual membership form as this would grant you unlimited access at a lower rate.

The Pittock Mansion

The Pittock Mansion has been a major source of attraction, especially for those who have heard about Henty Pittock, the Oregonian who was born in London. Henry Pittock and his wife, Georgina, used to live there in the early 1900s. Some of the interesting things about the mansion are its size (16 000 feet) and the number of rooms (46 in total). The mansion was designed after Victorian and French Renaissance architecture.

The Children Museum:

The Portland Children Museum can be found in Portland’s Washington Park,

which is close to the Oregon Zoo. The museum was founded in 1946, making it the sixth oldest museum for children in the world. Its large land mass (of about 50,000 sq ft) makes it possible for over 250,000 children to enjoy themselves as they visit yearly. Parents would love the idea of taking their children to the place especially because there don’t have to pay taxes for coming around.

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